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Friday, November 13, 2009

Still a 'whistle-blower' to oil sands activists

Still a 'whistle-blower' to oil sands activists: "It's been 3.5 years since John O'Connor, a transplanted Nova Scotian working as a physician for the community of Fort Chipewyan, Alta., went public with concerns that he noticed an epidemic of cancer in the community downstream from major oil-sands operations.

His troubling reports have since appeared in hundreds of news stories around the world. His story was made into a documentary by an Academy Award-nominated director -- a doctor facing down the 'multi-billion-dollar Oil Sands Industry' as he 'fights for the lives of the aboriginal people living and dying of rare cancers downstream from one of the most polluting oil operations in the world,' read the film's promotional blurb.

All the while, Alberta's College of Physicians and Surgeons was investigating complaints against Dr. O'Connor, lodged by physicians at Health Canada, who suggested he had failed to provide evidence for his claims, and caused 'undue alarm' in the community."

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