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Monday, November 9, 2009


CRITERION’S LITTLE FUCK-UPS - Viceland Today: "Wow, you’re not a pretentious hipster piece of shit at all. Really? Really? Everything has to be some moving art house film? Please, spare me the drivel. I love how you people think you’re the most educated and knowledgeable sources on everything. I went to film school too, and unlike the “cool to hate” culture time warp you idiots are stuck in, real film fans can appreciate a movie for what it is. Oh no! Armageddon! It’s not Citizen Cane or some obscure art house piece of dog shit that you can throw out in a conversation with a 17 year old girl to make yourself look cool! Then she’ll really suck on your coke boner. You people disgust me. Here’s a news flash: if every movie were up to your “expectations”, the world would be a boring, depressing place. People watch movies to escape reality. Some of us actually like to get lost in an “unintelligent” action film every once in a while. It’s called SUSPENSION OF DISBELIEF you fucking chode. If you really think these films are terrible, how about you get up off of your ass, leave your computer, and make something better. Oh, I forgot…Those who can’t do, teach. Those who can’t teach try to provide constructive criticism. And those who can’t provide constructive criticism are annoying hipsters. You’re about as worthless as Hitler. You’re the disgrace of our generation. Go fuck yourselves."

Best comment ever?

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