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Friday, January 12, 2007

Shadenfreuden - Shameful Joy

Although I'm happy that the Liberal Party wheels are falling off, I'm alarmed at the number of conservatives rejoicing these defections.

Just because they are no longer Liberals doesn't mean it's good that they are Conservatives.

Mark Persaud for example embraces the socially conservative religiously based side of the Conservative Party, that PM Stephen Harper has apparently embraced. The only problem is that I've been trying to recruit people by telling them (with the last 9 months events as proof) that the Conservative Party is not planning on governing in the direction of AntiSSM, AntiChoice, and government intervention into spiritual and personal choices.

The tide of the party could be changing and for the worse. We are losing small government conservatives and replacing them with social conservatives (aka fodder for the mainstream media firing squad). The Conservatives had very adequate reason for ejecting Garth Turner from caucus. He just represented a loss to the side of the party that I was hoping (and we all know) would get the Conservatives a majority government.

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