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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

On Convictions

Stephane Dion accused the Conservatives of lacking conviction today. Conviction, of course, is an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence. So when Stephane Dion accuses the Conservatives of lacking the convictions that he and his party have, I'm not so concern.

Belief without the need for proof is irrational. Like the Christian God, Aliens or the 9/11 Conspiracy, convictions require no fact only belief. I'm not saying any of these beliefs are right or wrong, just that they require no proof. Maybe you can see what I'm getting at:

Is it good that the Liberal Party has irrational intentions based on unshakable beliefs that are outside the realm of truth or fact?

An irrational intention of the Liberal Party is the Kyoto Accord. Put simply, the amount of Carbon Dioxide will not decrease, it will only be transfered. Kyoto would be for the environment what globalization was for the low wage economy. Globalization moved low wage factories from North America and Europe to Asia where it was cheaper to manufacture. Heavily polluting industries will move to wherever it is cheapest to pollute. By supporting the Kyoto accord you are supporting the environmental destruction of the developing world.

It's ironic that when we want to send jobs and money to the developing world trough free trade there are protests, and when we don't want to send our polluting heavy manufacture industry there are protests. Irrational I tell you.

Another group known for irrational beliefs are 8-year-olds, they also believe (like the Liberals) in Santa Clause and the Tooth Ferry.... getting something for nothing just because they are, not because they do.

PS Who is writing Dion's speeches? They deserve a congratulatory Letter from PMSH.
//I invite you to post your favourite Liberal convictions in the comments