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Sunday, January 21, 2007

On Paul Martin: "I regret knowing him as a person."

So, a former Liberal MP from Brampton has some choice words about Paul Martin.

CTV.ca is there:
At the time, a Martin spokeswoman said that Assadourian and Leung would not be paid for their advisory roles as long as they remained MPs. Whether they'd be paid after the election was to be "decided at that time."

Assadourian said that after the election, Martin's office wouldn't even return his phone calls, although he ostensibly remained a special adviser.

"For 15 months I was lied to," he said.

Asked if he regrets accepting Martin's job offer and giving up his seat, Assadourian said: "I regret knowing him as a person."

Martin eventually appointed Assadourian to the Immigration and Refugee Board.

Leung said she was never paid either but did provide verbal advice on "a free, informal basis." She accompanied Martin on a trade mission to China but paid her own travel and other expenses.

"Mine was sort of an honourary appointment. It was not a paid job," she said in an interview.

Assadourian said he didn't initially complain that his job turned out to be a sham because he hoped Martin would eventually honour his end of the bargain. He said he chose to speak out now in order to defend "my name and my integrity."