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Friday, October 16, 2009

John Demjanjuk: The Last Nazi

Print John Demjanjuk: The Last Nazi: "So when the government of the United States of America funds a unit of investigators to hunt for Holocaust criminals, attention must be paid to means and ends. It is not Jewish self-hatred to say so; it is not to assign equivalency to the OSI and the Gestapo — the Holocaust has no equivalent; it is not to say that Demjanjuk is innocent of serving as a death-camp guard: It is simply to seek the version of the truth closest to the truth in order to find some version of justice closest to justice.

Anything else — anything less — dishonors every one of us, including the six million who died.

As for John Demjanjuk, what is he to me? A Ukrainian with a lousy alibi and even worse luck.

Also a human being."

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