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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


AcaWiki:PressRelease-2009-10-07 - AcaWiki: "AcaWiki’s mission is to make academic research more accessible and interactive by creating a 'Wikipedia for academic research.' 'Cutting-edge research is often locked behind firewalls and therefore lacks impact,' founder Neeru Paharia explains, 'AcaWiki turns research hidden in academic journals into something that is more dynamic and accessible to have a greater influence in scholarship, and society.' AcaWiki enables users to easily post and discuss human-readable summaries of academic papers and literature reviews online. AcaWiki also helps users to share and organize summaries through the use of tags and RSS feeds. Vijay Kumar, senior associate dean and director of the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology at MIT, says, 'AcaWiki can provide an important 'sense-making' function for enabling easier sharing of knowledge that can help to build bridges across disciplines—and even between academia and those outside.'"

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