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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Menu Idea #1 - Inferiority and Germans

If the American economy collapses we can always eat our inferiority complex;

Has one nation even hinted that it might help bail the US out of its financial crisis?
Just one?
This is a country that has always been among the first... in fact, it’s been expected to bail out other countries when they get in trouble.
Look it up. Go down the list of countries that Americans have bailed out with their hard earned cash when the time came.
You’ll find many of them.
Bill Clinton just the other day on Larry King bragging about how Mexico actually paid its money back early. Well where’s Mexico today?
Where’s Canada today?
Where’s Germany?
Well don’t count on Germany they can barely contain themselves they’re so excited about Americas troubles these days. Did you hear their finance minister? “Well its American greed, the blind drive for higher profits”. Because Germany’s been giving Mercedes away in the US out of the goodness of their heart all these years!!
Perhaps the German Finance Minister will dine on his schadenfreude.