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Monday, April 2, 2007

On Outrage


My brother is a prominent blogger. He is pretty clearly conservative in his views, but that's not surprising because he started BloggingTories.ca. He is one of best read bloggers in the country because of the quality of his posts and his ability to cut though the MSM bullshit.

This is why I'm outraged. My brother was asked to leave the press scrum on parliment hill 2 weeks ago. Why? Because the MSM decided that he was not allowed to be there. Unfortunately for the MSM, they do not have this right. My brother has a parliment pass and can therefore go where he pleases on the hill.

I'm outraged because members of the press decided to muzzle someone who was out to get a story. They acted as sensorship of the new media, and in the process managed to discredit themselves further in the minds of most of his, and I hope, my, readers.

I hope that the Speaker of the House, who granted Stephen the right to be on the hill, will address this issue. Please check this developing story out at stephentaylor.ca, bloggingtories.ca, and nationalnewswatch.com; the future of honest journalism is at stake.