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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Simpsons and the Green Movement

George Meyer may be one of the greatest writers in the history of the world (no hyperbole intended). He's written for the Simpsons for as long as I can remember, writing the first Simpsons episode I ever watched (Crepes of Wrath - When Bart is an exchange student in France), but I disagree with the thesis of his article for the BBC Green Room: Whether you are a hypocrite, a poseur or a plain bozo, the environmental movement needs you.

Hypocrites, poseurs and bozos weaken any point of view which they profess. A decent and obvious example of a hypocritical bozo discrediting a movement is Cindy Sheehan. She took the reasonable opinion that the USA shouldn't be involved in Iraq then destroyed it by visiting Hugo Chavez and being arrested this week. Her stupid and ridiculous antics only strengthening the resolve of warhawks. The last think that a NeoCon wants is to have Cindy Sheehan claiming victory on the Iraq war. Similarly, having Cedric the Entertainer embarrass the environmental movement during Earth To America, does nothing to promote environmentalism.

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